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Jus-e-wheels is a small family business born out of years of talking, dreaming, exploring. We are free spirits, wanderers at heart. In our travels around the world we are lucky to explore and live in different cultures. We have experienced many different and interesting modes of transportation along the way. Common to all effective transportation we learned, is to be able to get to where you need to go with ease. Being able to move with ease within, and even beyond, one's usual boundaries brings a quality and richness to life. Our business strives to make the practical and essential parts of everyday transportation a little easier, healthier and fun. We strive to open up the world a little more, allow you to travel a little farther, add another dimension to your adventures.

We aim to be good stewards of our environment and our economy as well. Because of this we choose to focus on electric bikes, adding zero emissions. Our bikes are unique in that they are pedal assist, compact, and most models are folding in order to accommodate storage, commuting (on bus, car or train), and simply getting to your adventure’s starting point with ease. 

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